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Some Quick Legal Info

1 October 2011

It has been a dramatic afternoon on the Brooklyn Bridge. Here’s some useful information from the small and overworked legal team that will help with getting you and your friends out of jail.

If Your Friend Got Arrested
•    Don’t Panic, lots of people are working to make sure they are ok
•    Call the Legal Team 212-679-6018
•    Go to the precinct they are being held at, if they get moved to 100 Centre Street go there. Bring food, water and aspirin for when they get out.
•    To find your friend in the system call Central Booking (212) 374-3921 and ask for their docket number, write it down.
•    Arraignments are at 100 Centre Street on the first floor. You will need to go through a metal detector and can’t bring knives, alcohol etc.
•    When your friend gets out make sure to contact the legal team.

If You Get Arrested
•    Call out your name to the legal    observers (so we can keep track of you)
•    Get names of others you have been arrested with so you can give them to the legal team
•    Remain silent to police about what you saw or did
•    Be patient, going to jail sucks but you will be out and people have your back
•    If you have a chance to call from jail call the Legal Team at
•    Call the Legal Team when you get out of jail
•    Go back to the streets!

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