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Update on Arrestees

1 October 2011

So far, we have heard that people are being held at the following locations:

Manhattan South 357 West 35th Street (212) 239-9811
Manhattan North 306 West 54th Street (212) 767-8400
Manhattan Central Booking (212) 375-3921

In Brooklyn:
75th 1000 Sutter Avenue (718) 827-3511
77th 127 Utica Avenue (718) 735-0611
79th 263 Tompkins Avenue (718) 636-6611
90th 211 Union Avenue (718) 963-5311

We don’t know yet if people will be sent to Central Booking (Manhattan or Brooklyn) or some will be issued DATs at the precincts.

The National Lawyers Guild is working to send Legal Observers to the precincts to find out more.

Stay tuned.

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One Comment
  1. Anonymous permalink

    Lots of folks were at 1 Police Plaza – and are mostly out now with DATs – they started releasing about 11:30pm and kept going slow and steady – about a third of the way through, I’d say, at 2:30am. They’re processing a few through the system, I think, that didn’t have ID. When I left there at about 2:30am there was no one from legal or from anywhere outside the place.

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