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2 October 2011

LATEST NEWS: 3:15pm, October 2, 2011

Our lawyers from the National Lawyers Guild Mass Defense Committee report from Manhattan Criminal Court, Central Booking that there are only 10 more protesters waiting for arraignment. They will be arraigned this afternoon.

According to what Police is telling our lawyers, 400 people have been released on Desk Appearance Tickets, and another 200 on Summonses.

Many who have been released have not called the legal office to let us know they are free, so for now we are going by what the police are telling our lawyers. If you are looking for friends and comrades, please check with them and their support before calling the legal office.

Go back to the streets, we’ve got your back!

In solidarity,



People were being released on Desk Appearance Tickets (DAT) from Central Booking, from Midtown North and Precincts in Brooklyn all night long. All the court appearance dates, including for folks released in Brooklyn, seem to be for Manhattan Criminal Court.

For those who did not get a DAT last night, arraignments will be starting at 1pm at Manhattan Criminal Court, 100 Centre Street, first floor. National Lawyers Guild lawyers will be in the courtroom to help.

If  you have been released please call the legal hotline so we know you are now free, and we have your info. The number is (212) 679-6018.

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